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The importance of Courtroom Observers cannot be overstated  because it provides a mutual defense pact with your friends, family, neighbors, and community.  Witness and document  corruption and criminality within your local courts.  Remember, an assault upon one is an assault upon all.  Be a cohesive unit that can appear for any matter in the courts; no case is too small. The courthouse lobby and parking lot are the best places to inform and recruit new common law jurists.


Some suggested protocols that may be helpful:

-Never disrupt proceedings, your recourse will come later.

-Be neat and professional. Wear a button-down shirt with a tie, or other similar dress clothes. This removes the tactic of separation that attorneys use when wearing formal clothes.

-Optional: Wear around your neck a medial-style Id with your photo in the center, National Liberty Alliance .org across the top and Courtroom Observer across the bottom. Print shops like Staples will scan your Id or license photo and laminate in plastic for $10.00.

-Carry a 9″x12″ notebook and a pen and take notes of everything our see and hear, since even the small things matter. Many court records are altered, so your notes are very important.

-Film everything and have multiple cameras at the ready. The most important events happen when you least expect. Carry a handycam, wear a conventional camera around your neck and have a cell phone camera for backup. The lobby and outside the courthouse are wide open for filming. Should you encounter resistance to filming inside the courtroom, you may cite the following case precedents:

Fordyce v. City of Seattle (9th Circuit Court, 1995: “The First Amendment protects the right to film matters of public interest”).

Smith v. City of Cumming (11th Circuit Court, 2000: “The First Amendment protects the right to gather information about what public officials do on public property and specifically a right to record matters of public interest”).

-Optional: Have business cards and flyers briefly explaining what the NLA does, to hand out to people around the courthouse. Do this in the parking lot and the lobby but not in the courtroom itself or in front of any doorways.   (Link flyers to doc below)

-Smile and be friendly while still remaining firm in your resolve.

Credit to Eric Hughes Jones

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