Registering/Oaths to be a CL Jurist

george_says_it_allClick for Jurist Vow.

As a Common Law jurist, your first job is to protect harmless people from unfair, unjust and unreasonable government laws.  To restore justice to all people, please do your civic duty and sign up to be a Common Law Jurist, with knowledge in jury nullification.  Read, then sign the Jurist Vow in the presence of a notary OR with 3 witnesses.  Make a copy for your files and mail original to:

Unified Hawaii Common Law Grand Jury

P.O. Box 7222

Ocean View, HI 96737

(808)217-8491, (808)936-5929

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  1. Aloha, i am envisioning and praying that Common Law Grand Jury of Hawaii picks up millions of people in the next 6 months. I pray for a TRIAL of the Century at the Palace in Honolulu for my husbands case. It is obvious to me that these state officials have kidnapped my husband and his life is in danger at Halawa correctional facility at the hands of even more criminals running these institutions and this form of Government going on in Hawaii. There is no Justice therefore, we the people need to remove Judge Loo from the Bench and all other people in positions of political authority will be tried by we the people of Common Law Grand Jury in Hawaii. Everyone has to be held accountable for their own behaviors. We need the books of financial to be laid on the table for all the people to see. accountability and trust will be established in Hawaii. In due time we will clean the soil on Maui with algae farms to clean the soil, we will grow our food, we will create alkaline water (living water which penetrates the human cell) for our people to bathe in and drink. We will work together for all the necessities we need for survival on this island in the middle of the ocean. The umbilical cord to Jehovah God must be cleaned out. I band nicotine off these islands and stop all import of this deadly substance. I declare that booze of any kinds is a controlled substance. I demand that all ICE/Meth/Cocaine is band from our aina and anyone caught with it will be detained and deported unless they agree to a rehab, rehabs are established for the Hawaiian blood line and no such heir to the aina will be band due to drug problems, they will be loved, counciled and held accountable for their roll for our Father in Heaven. We all have our roll for Jehovah God. Please pray about your roll for him and give feed back on this website about what God is doing in your life. He has a Kingdom for me and my Prince Nahinu Waikiki Jr. to rise. This is real life, not a fairy tale or lost vision. God has molded me and prepared me for this time of my life since i was 8 years old. i can clearly look back and say to myself, OK GOD this is why this happened, and this and this. it has been a journey for the past 46 years with my Lord and Savior Jehovah God and Jesus Christ. Come together in his name and under his word to form our Kingdom of Hawaii. Hawaii Ko Pai Aina. Kanaka Maoli’s This is their home, everyone else is a guest and if you cant do right you must leave. Judge Michelle Waikiki The Wife of Kanaka Maoli Prince Nelson Nahinu Waikiki Jr. being held in prison when he needs to be at the Palace. Waikiki the royal capital of the Hawaiian Kingdom in 1810 My husbands heir to the Royal court. shame on this defacto state for detaining him.

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